Company Sefi SAS
Country: France
Address 15 Rue Des Entrepreneurs
Phone: +33 549 376721
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Sefi SAS



Since its creation in 1977, SEFI has established itself as the specialist in distribution in the fields of power transmission, fluids control and engineering plastics. Today, SEFI consists of 600 employees, and adapted logistics tools.

Our difference

Thanks to a policy of constant growth, combining acquisitions and creation of agencies, SEFI has, throughout its history, consolidated its offer locally, regionally, and also nationally.

A real expertise in each area of ??activity, as well as adapted logistics and a local stock in each agency allow SEFI to meet all the expectations of its customers.

As you can see on our model of 1982, our job changes but the fundamentals are still there!

SEFI strengths

  • More than 40 years of know-how in the Retail business.
  • A team of specialists by technique (product leaders, intervention technicians).
  • The flexibility and responsiveness of a family company.
  • Close collaboration with the biggest manufacturers.
  • A long-standing relationship, based on trust with our client.

Large local stocks and a wider range on our logistics platform. Industrial supplies

SEFI is a specialist in the distribution of industrial supplies in the fields of power transmission, fluids control and engineering plastics. SEFI offers a wide range of components and spare parts, divided into 12 product families.


Ball bearings, roller bearings, steel and stainless steel needles. Cast iron, sheet metal, resin, self-aligning bearings. Stops. Rollers. Ball joints and spherical ends. Precision bearings. Free wheels. Orientation rings.

Linear guidance

Ball sockets and shafts. Rails and carriages with balls, with rollers, with rollers. Bearings and supports .Tables and guide modules. Rings and pads. Ball screw, roller. Electric cylinders. Bearing balls. Gas cylinders.

Mechanical transmission

Roller chains. V-belts and synchronous belts. Sprockets. Pulleys. Removable hubs and frets. Couplings. Antivibration mounts. Cardan joints. Gears and racks. Elastic tensioners.

Electromechanical transmission

Electric motors, asynchronous, brushless, DC. Gearmotors. Reducers. Angle references. Starters. Speed ??variators. Clutches. Coupler brakes.


Equipped chains. Belts and conveyor belts. Handling chains and pallet chains. Wheels and casters. Handling rolls. Guides and slip profiles. Bearing balls.

Technical plastics

Semi-finished plastic products: round bars, hollow jets, plates and sheets. PA6, PA66, PA6G, POM, PET, HDPE, PP, PU, ??PC, PTFE, PVDF, PEEK, PAI, PI Cutting workshops for flat and round products. Realization of profiles, machined parts.


Rod cylinders, rodless, rotary, flexible. Indexing trays. Pliers. Manipulators. Pneumatic motors. Electric axes. Distributors. Terminals. Fieldbus. Vacuum generators. Suction cups. Pneumatic logic. All connections .Tubes and technical hoses. Air treatment. (FRL). Filtration networks and dryers. Instrumentation.


Cylinders and lifting tools. Complete filters, filter elements. Ring fittings, adapters, couplers. Hoses, HP hoses. Spare parts and accessories.

Industrial valves, Pumps

Measures. Controls and automation. Taps all technologies. Line accessories. Valves. Filters. Valves. Compensators. Pumps and control systems / servos. Solenoid. Hoses. Fittings. Necklaces. Bridle joints.


Sealing rings. VRing. O-rings. BS rings. Seals for sliding, pneumatic and hydraulic shafts. Guide rings. Dosing seals. Composite seals, graphites. Metal plastic. Cut flat gaskets. Leaves. Spiral joints. Braids and mechanical seals. Join labyrinths. Joints cut on plan. Studies following specifications and expertise after failure.

Maintenance products

Brass washers. Fibers. Glues and adhesives. Anaerobic products. Solvents. Lubricants. Fats. Grease. Grease pumps. Self lubricating pads. Retaining Rings. Screws.

And any maintenance product related to Mechanical Transmission and Fluid Control.


Maintenance ingredients. Civil and military aeronautical parts. Delivery service according to IATA, ADR, Maritime (IMDG). Treatment of AOG. ISO 9001 version 2008 Certification EN9120. NATO codification. Verification REACh Regulation.

ALU profiles

Aluminum profiles and accessories. Aluminum structure. CoversSheet. Machine protection. Personal work places. At LOUDET, study and realization according to plan or specification, manufacture, integration of mechanical components.


Tubes, clamps, pipe fittings HP. Hoses, hoses crimped in our workshops. Low and high pressure filtration. All pump technologies. All types of pressure valves, flow, servovalves. All types of actuators, cylinders, motors Spare parts and accessories. At LOUDET, design and construction of hydraulic power plants with solution. Complete and service intervention. On-site maintenance service. Complete solutions according to specifications.