Company Lechifflart
Country: France
Address 3 Avenue de la
Phone: +33 322 702272
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Lechifflart, from yesterday to today ...

LECHIFFLART , a family business founded in Lille in 1931 by Georges Lechifflart.

Today, an industrial technical trading company, leader in its regional market.

Specialized in the consulting and distribution of components in mechanical and pneumatic power transmission.

Our catchment area is intentionally restricted for a more efficient local service.

Registered office since 1971, Rivery, near Amiens          Subsidiary SEDIMAT, Saint Quentin

Our customers

Preferred partner of the largest industries in the region, in many sectors of activity such as

agribusiness, chemistry, metallurgy, public works, agriculture, logistics ..., we offer our customers

an adapted technical solution, thanks to a motivated team of technical and specialized collaborators. We assure

also the same service for SMEs / VSEs.

Member of the FAIR Group (France)     and ONE (Europe)         

Associate member of the FAIR group , the French leader in power transmission, an SARL grouping 11 regional distributors

independent companies which today represent a network of 85 companies, 1000 employees, bringing all their technical expertise

with more than 50,000 customers throughout the country.

Our main assets

A team of 14 sales engineers at your service

A team of technicians assemblers network of air and compressed air

Proximity for customers


Technical accompaniment

Contract Service 24 hours a day

Ability to adapt to your particular needs

We offer you the widest range of products on the market: 36 000 references in stock

Non stocked references: fast supply

On-site deliveries

Developing strong partnerships with our customers and suppliers