Company General Bearing Service Inc
Country: Canada
Address 490 Kent Street
Phone: +1 613 238 8100 *please email*
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General Bearing Service Inc


Our main force is the quality of our people. The true power of an organisation lies in the quality od it?s people. Serving the Canadian industry since 1946, GBS cumulates knowledge and cpmpetence. Give us the oppotunity to be beter serve you.


Quality products with local expertise and availability at every locations. Our own expertise paired with our manufacturer's insures you get fast and quality service.

GBS always has been associated with strong brandnames like SKF, Timken, Darcor, National, C/R and many others.

  • Motors and speed reducers
  • ROSTA anti-vibration products
  • Couplings
  • LOCTITE products
  • Industrial and institutionnal casters
  • Bearing heaters and tools
  • ROSTA tensionning units
  • Chain block and lifting equipment
  • Ball and roller bearings
  • Cam followers
  • Ball and roller pillow blocks and flanges
  • Linear bearings
  • V-Belt sheaves and all types of beltings
  • Oil seals and mechanical seals
  • Gears and gear racks