Company ECMU CSR
Country: France
Address Zone Industrielle
Phone: +33 1 30291313
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 An activity recognized by the entire profession for more than 60 years with a platform for the storage of bearings, bearings and linear guides (25,000 references) over more than 5,000 m². 

? A production and finishing workshop composed of state-of-the-art machines: 
- 2 lathes with 2-axis numerical controls, 
- 3 lathes with 3-axis numerical controls, 
- 1 lathe with 4-axis numerical controls, 
- 1 manual press of straightening, 
- 1 special machine with radial drilling, 
- 1 machine for soaking by high frequency, 
- 2 milling machines, 
- 2 traditional lathes, 
- 4 drills, 
- 1 running point with a capacity of 6.5 tons.

? Human skills and customer proximity thanks to 60 employees in-house and a field presence in each region of France: 
- Sales department 
- Technical 
- Purchasing department - Administrative department 
- Logistics department 
- Production workshop 

ecmu - CSR is able to find professional solutions irrespective of the industrial sector. 
We work in partnership with the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers in accordance with the standards in force. Since 1998, 

ecmu - CSR has been ISO 9001 certified. This certification was renewed in June 2012.