Company EB Atmus Co., Inc
Country: USA
Address PO Box 1689
Phone: +1 413 7364551
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EB Atmus Co., Inc


Established in 1921, E. B. Atmus Co., Inc. has been in business for 90 years, servicing the bearing, power transmission, and motion control industries. Our business center is located in Springfield, Massachusetts, an industrial hub between New York and Boston. Our full contact information can be found below.

E. B. Atmus Co., Inc. is fully web-enabled and offers on-line purchasing. We have over 475,000 parts and pricing listed under inventory search. You can go into inventory search from our left-hand-side navbar to check our pricing and place orders on-line. Customers with an account on this website should log in first in order to obtain their correct pricing. If you do not already have a website account with us, you can start one by completing an application on-line. We offer all the major USA manufacturers, so please be sure to visit our manufacturer and product pages.

What products does E. B. Atmus Co. sell?

E. B. Atmus represents over 200 manufacturers; our major product categories include: Bearings, Power Transmission, Electric Motor Products, Motion Controls, Pneumatics, Lubricants, and many others. For a more complete list, download a PDF of our Line Card. Still don?t see what you?re looking for? Call us or email us!

Which manufacturers does E. B. Atmus represent?

E. B. Atmus represents over 200 manufacturers. For a list of our major manufacturers please see the Manufacturers page. Don?t see the Manufacturer you?re looking for? Call us or email us!

Actuators, Linear, Electrical
Actuators, Linear, Hydraulic
Actuators, Linear, Mechanical
Actuators, Linear, Pneumatic
Actuators, Linear, Protective Covers
Actuators, Rotary, Hydraulic
Actuators, Rotary, Mechanical
Actuators, Rotary, Pneumatic
Adjustable-Speed Drives, Electrical, AC Motor
Adjustable-Speed Drives, Electrical, DC Motor
Adjustable-Speed Drives, Electrical, Eddy-Current
Adjustable-Speed Drives, Mechanical
Adjustable-Speed Drives, Mechanical, Adjustable Sheave
Adjustable-Speed Drives, Mechanical, Metallic Traction
Balancing Equipment
Bearing Accessories
Ball Bearings, General
Ball Bearings, Linear
Ball Bearings, Miniature
Ball Bearings, Precision
Bearings, Air
Bearings, Bronze
Bearings, Cam Followers
Bearings, Conveyor
Bearings, Cup & Cone
Bearings, Linear
Bearings, Needle
Bearings, Pillow Block
Bearings, Plain
Bearings, Plastic
Bearings, Rod-End
Bearings, Roller
Bearings, Rolling Element, Non-Metallic
Bearings, Rotary-Linear Combination
Bearings, Self-Aligning
Bearings, Self-Clinching
Bearings, Spherical
Bearings, Stainless
Bearings, ThrustBelt Drives
Belting, Accessories
Belting, Flat
Belting, Metal
Belting, Round
Belting, Stainless
Belting, Synchronous
Belting- V-Belting, Variable Speed
Brakes, Electromagnetic
Brakes, Friction
Brakes, Mechanical Lockup
Cam Drives
Cam Followers
Cam Followers, Stainless
Carriers, Cables & Connectors
Casings, Belt, Chain, Gear
Chain Tools & Accessories
Chain, Attachments
Chain, Engineering Class
Chain, Plastic
Chain, Roller
Chain, Silent
Chain Drives
Circuit Breakers
Clutch Couplings
Clutch Couplings, Overload Release
Clutches, Air
Clutches, Electromagnetic
Clutches, Free-Wheeling
Clutches, Friction
Clutches, Mechanical, Centrifugal Clutches
Clutches, Overrunning
Clutches, Torque-Limiting, Detent
Collars & Couplings
Computer-Aided Design
Controllers, Clutch/Brake
Controllers, Motor, DC Braking
Controllers, Motor, Full Voltage
Controllers, Motor, Reduced Voltage
Controllers, Motor, Servo
Controllers, Motor, Step
Controllers, Operator's Devices Indicators, Meters, Recorders, Timers
Controllers, Process
Controllers, Programmable
Controllers, Relay
Controllers, Switch
Controllers, Tension
Controllers, Motion

Convertors, 1-Phase to 3-Phase
Conveyors, Belts, Accessories
Couplings, Composite Shaft
Couplings, Disc
Couplings, Flexible Metallic
Couplings, Flexible Non-Metallic
Couplings, Fluid
Couplings, Gear
Couplings, Metal Beam
Couplings, Rigid
Couplings, Stainless
Couplings, Universal Joint
Damping Mountings
Encoders - see Sensors & Tranducers
Drives, Adjustable
Drives, Variable Speed
Drives, Belt & Chain
Electrical Actuators
Gear Drives, Bevel
Gear Drives, Cyclodial
Gear Drives, Differential
Gear Drives, Harmonic
Gear Drives, Helical
Gear Drives, Herringbone
Gear Drives, Miter
Gear Drives, Planetary
Gear Drives, Right-Angle
Gear Drives, Spur
Gear Drives, Stainless
Gear Drives, Worm
Gear Racks
Gears, Bevel
Gears, Blanks for
Gears, Helical
Gears, Herringbone
Gears, Miter
Gears, Spur
Gears, Stainless
Gears, Worm
Geneva Devices
Guards - see Casings, Belt Chain, Gear
Heaters, Mounting, Gear & Bearing
Hydraulic Actuators
Hydraulic Motors
Hydraulic Pumps
Hydraulic Valves
Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Idler Rollers
Indexing Tables
Indicators - see Controllers, Operator's Devices
Jacks, Mechanical Screw
Keys, Finished
Key-stock, Stainless
Linear Motion Products
Linear Actuators
Load Cells
Locking Systems, Anaerobic
Locknuts, Spherical
Locknuts, Stainless
Lubricating Equipment & Systems
Mechanical Actuators
Meters - see Controllers, Operator's Devices
Motion Control Devices
Motor Accessories (Bases, etc.)
Motors, AC/DC
Motors, AC 1-Phase Induction
Motors, AC 3-Phase Induction
Motors, AC Induction - Wound Rotor
Motors, AC Synchronous
Motors, AC Universal
Motors, AC Brushless
Motors, DC Brushless
Motors, DC Brush-Type
Motors, Fractional
Motors, Gear (AC & DC)
Motors, Hydraulic
Motors, Linear, Electric
Motors, Linear, Electric, Force, DC
Motors, Linear, Electric, Induction, AC
Motors, Linear, Electric, Step
Motors, Pneumatic
Motors, Servo

Motors, Stainless
Motors, Step
Motors, Sub-fractional
Motors, Switched Reluctance
Multiple Drives Products
New Grippers, Pneumatic
Oil Seals
Pneumatic Actuators, Linear
Pneumatic Actuators, Rod-less
Pneumatic Automation Accessories
Pneumatic Filters
Pneumatic Pumps & Valves
Postitioning Tables, Multi-Axis Tables
Potentiometers - see Sensors & Tranducers
Poultry Spare Parts
Power Transmission Products
Power Units, Hydraulic
Programmable Controllers
Protective Covers
Pulleys, Conveyor, Integral Motor
Pulleys, Flat Belt
Pulleys, Round Belt
Pulleys, Split
Pulleys, Synchronous Belt
Pulleys, V-Ribbed
Pulse Generators - see Sensors & Tranducers
Push-Pull Cables
Recorders - see Controllers, Operator's Devices
Relays - see Controllers, Relay
Retaining Rings
Sensors & Tranducers, Acceleration
Sensors & Tranducers, Flow
Sensors & Tranducers, Force
Sensors & Tranducers, Liquid Level
Sensors & Tranducers, Position
Sensors & Tranducers, Position, Programmable
Sensors & Tranducers, Pressure
Sensors & Tranducers, Speed
Sensors & Tranducers, Temperature
Sensors & Tranducers, Torque
Sensors & Tranducers, Vibration
Servos, Electrical, AC
Servos, Electrical, DC
Servos, Electrical, Step
Servos, Mechanical, Linear
Servos, Mechanical, Rotary
Shaft Alignment Equipment
Shaft Collars, Stainless
Shaft-Hub Connectors, Keyed
Shaft-Hub Connectors, Keyless
Shaft-Hub Connectors, Split Tapered Bushing
Shaft-Phasing Devices
Shaft Seals
Shafts, Flexible
Shafts, Rigid
Shafts, Stainless
Sheaves, Belt, Adjustable Speed
Sheaves, V-Belt
Shims, Stainless
Shock Absorbers
Slewing Rings
Slides & Ways
Slip Rings, Electrical
Speed Reducers
Speed Reducers, Belted, Single-Speed
Speed Reducers, Stainless
Sprockets, Chain, Metal
Sprockets, Chain, Plastic
Sprockets, Stainless
Star Wheels
Step Motor Controllers
Step Motors - see Motors, Step
Switches - see Controllers
Tachometers - see Sensors & Tranducers, Speed
Tensioners & Idlers for Chain Drives
Tensioners for Belt Drives
Tensers, Bearing
Timers - see Controllers, Operator's Devices
Torque Limiting, Mechanical Devices
Traction Drives, Fixed Ratio
Universal Joints - see Couplings, Universal Joint
Vibraton & Sound Analyzers
Wear Plates
Wear Strips


E.B. Atmus Co. is proud to work with over 200 world-class manufacturers.  Click here to view the full list of companies we are affliated with.


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